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MMD Howto - Models rules and violent artworks
How to: Models rules and "violent artworks"
This is the first advice addressed to MMD users interested in the main focus of this group ( MMD-BattleStage ). Consider, as a general issue, that MMD models weren't originally made to support and make "violent contents", unless they had a strong "just for fun & joke" connotation.
Most of models produced later, inherited this original feeling, as in several cases "violent contents" can collide with age limitations, the same way sexual related contents can violate the rules estabilished for some models.
License reference. A sight on Piapro Character License
The original Piapro Character License (PCL) by Crypton Media also inspired most of the rules added later on new models, even when they have nothing to deal with original vocaloids released under the PCL.
The fact that Crypton Media itself has clearly stated ( read here ) that <b>
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[MMD-Battlestage] Schwanzstucks and new rules
Oh My God, this is an enormous schwanzstuck!
This post is concerning the MMD-Battlestage group: MMD-BattleStage
Ok, I'm posting this issue because I've received some complains from some MMD-Battlestage group users and watchers, about what we could call an "excess" of explicit/mature/r18 contents in the "Art of OTHER" gallery. Actually I've been forced to introduce a new rule on the group's home, concerning the "Art of OTHER" gallery.
I'm persuaded this wasn't necessary, but actually it seems that, yes, it's necessary. I was persuaded that our simple rules were of easy understanding: even if the name "Art of OTHER" would cover any kind of content, I'd like to emphasize I always asked to keep in mind the group's topic.
"Art of OTHER" doesn't make difference. No matter if you post Len & Rin harvesting for flowers in a green sunny field, if you post a render with Batman and Robin having sex, or if you post a render of Barbie's boobs. By theirselves, none of the
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[MMD] Locking files? No: Corrupting them (pt. 2) by Riveda1972 [MMD] Locking files? No: Corrupting them (pt. 2) :iconriveda1972:Riveda1972 95 78
[MMD] How to FIX pmx files corrupted by PMX Locker
Edit: Guess what? The author himself of PMX Locker retired his program.
It seems that newer version of PMX Editor have corrected the BUG (you know what does "bug" mean, do you?) that caused the malfunction when opening PMX files invalidated/corrupted by PMX Locker changing the fourth character in the file header definition. It seems I was right calling this supposed "locking" as "corrupting".

About PMX Model Locker:
What is PMX Model Locker?
It's a simple tool useful to "lock" a PMX file in order to prevent other users opening it and modifying it in PMX Editor. It preserves the original PMX model and makes a "locked" copy of it. The goal of this program is to allow MMD authors to redistribute only the "locked" version (and of course all its textures, spa/sph files, fx and so on), so final users still can use the model in MMD animations but they cannot edit it.
A "minor" issue of the "locked" model is that it won't work if used in
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[MMD] Fight motion (Amy Johnston) UPDATED May 24 by Riveda1972 [MMD] Fight motion (Amy Johnston) UPDATED May 24 :iconriveda1972:Riveda1972 21 10





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Favourite style of art: 3D
Operating System: Windows 10 + Linux
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Hi all.

A very short journal, this time :) (Smile) 
As some people asked me how to "unlock" zipped models, it's better to explain 2 or three things more.

About "locked" (actually: corrupted) PMX files

I've given you all what you need to "unlock", or better how to RESTORE a PMX file that has been made invalid/corrupted by adding an unexpected character in the header file definition. The way to restore the file to its valid format is quite simple: remove the invalid character from the file header definition. A valid PMX file must have "PMX " as the first four characters in the file definition header. If the fourth character is not a blank space, the file is invalidated and will make PMX Editor and MMM malfunctioning.
The fact MMD still opens a corrupted PMX file is just because MMD checks the file header only to decide how to manage it: as a PMD or as a PMX model. This has nothing to do with "locked files support". This just means that MMD uses a less secure file check when opening a file, not that MMD supports "locked" files.
MMM, instead, strictly checks for the file integrity, not only if a model has to be managed as a PMD or a PMX one, and this is the reason why MMM won't load a corrupted PMX file.
The process called "unlocking" is not a kind of "cracking" as the PMX file has not been "locked" but just corrupted. The process called "unlocking" is just a licit RESTORING process, as no one has the right to deliberately corrupt a file forcing me to use it in MMD instead of in MMM, the same way you have no right to decide if I must open a .doc document using MS Word instead of LibreOffice, OpenOffice or any other wordprocessor, regardless that you are the author of the .doc file.

About password protected archives (.zip, .rar, .7z ...)

Don't mess the two matters, folks! While the previous operation is a licit restoring of a file to its original and valid format, password protected/encrypted archives are not "invalid files". yes, this is a perfect case to explain the difference between an illicit file corruption (pmx "locked" files) and a licit one, i.e. archives encrypted by the people who zipped them.
Almost all compressed archives (and surely the most used ones like zip, rar, arj, 7z) explicitly and intentionally support file encryption, using a password as key to unlock the archive. When you try to open a password protected zip/rar archive and winzip/winrar/7zip asks you the password, this is not a malfunction as when you open a "locked" PMX file and PMX Editor doesn't show the model in a proper way or MMM simply refuses to recognize the model as a valid one. Asking the password to unlock and de-compress the archive is exactly the expected behavior of the program, not a malfunction.

There are only 2 cases when you are in right to "unlock" a zipped archive without having the password:

1) You are the licit owner of the compressed content BUT you've forgotten the password used to zip the files
2) You have the right to access the compressed files BUT any other people illicitly encrypted them without your permission, making you unable to access a file you have the right to use.

It's obvious these circumstances absolutely don't include the case when you find a MMD model distributed in a password protected zip file and you don't have the password to open it because the authors haven't provided you the password.

If you match case #1 or #2, you can try a zip/rar "password recovery program" (search for them on google).

Consider that what these programs do is a "bruteforce attack" or a "dictionary based attack" trying to send random passwords to unlock the compressed archives: generating them completely at random (as in War Games movie, when Joshua tries to guess the security code of US missles and launch ICBMs toward the soviets), or using a long dictionary of commonly used words and trying all of them as password.
Consider that bruteforce attacks are a very expehensive operation and you should try it only in case you've the right to recover the password and you're in a really urgent need to. Otherwise you should not waste your time and your computer's CPU this way.

Please don't ask me to "unlock" files!

In both cases (corrupted PMX files, and licitly encrypted archives), I don't accept "unlock requests".

If you need to restore an invalidated PMX file to its valid format, you read here (1: ) and here (2: ).
All what you need is an Hexadecimal editor or an advanced text editor (like Notepad++, UltraEdit and so on) able to open-edit-save binary files too, open the invalid PMX file, replace the fourth character in the header definition with a blank space, and save it.
I can help you in understanding if you have any trouble, but I don't accept to restore files for you.

If you're trying to force a password encrypted archive, also don't ask me any support. Go on google and search for "zip/rar password recovery". And good luck. You know by yourself if you have the right to force a password protected archive, or not. I don't want to mess with this, as while restoring an invalid/corrupted PMX file is a licit operation, forcing a password protected zip/rar archive is exactly a "cracking" operation, unless you are the owner of the file and have just forgotten the password you used to protect your files.

Thanks for your cooperation :D


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